Intermediaries of the European Union

The List attached to the RUI contains information on EU intermediaries licensed to pursue insurance and reinsurance mediation activity on the Italian territory by way of establishment or of free provision of services.

As from 9 December 2019 collaborators of Intermediaries of the European Union are entered in section E of the RUI, as it is the case for the collaborators of Italian intermediaries.

Until 21 November 2019 collaborators were published weekly by IVASS in the list of collaborators of EU intermediaries.

Intermediaries registered in the attached list are required to comply with the Italian provisions included among the rules protecting the general good which can be consulted at the link below.

Last update

8 January 2021

Pre-contractual Information and Documents

Intermediaries shall make available to the public in their premises, also using technological equipment, information printed in bold characters and conforming to the model envisaged in Annex 3, illustrating the main behavioural obligations imposed on intermediaries.

Before policyholders sign a proposal or, when not envisaged, an insurance contract, intermediaries shall deliver them:

• copy of a statement, conforming to the model envisaged in annex 4;

• in case the proposal is being offered away from business premises or in case the pre-contractual steps are accomplished via distance communication techniques a statement, conforming to the model envisaged in annex 3;

• pre-contractual and contractual information documents envisaged by the current provisions.

In case of renewal or of conclusion of further contracts with the same intermediary the annexes 3 and 4 shall be delivered or sent to the policyholder only if there are any variations in the information contained in it.

The above documentation may be sent to the policyholder, at his/her express request, by using distance communication techniques or through the Internet.

Annex 4 contains a special section dedicated to the intermediaries operating within the premises of the principal intermediary, which are not required to be enrolled in the Register, and of the intermediary registered in section E.

  1. IVASS Regulation No. 40 - Annex 3 (only in Italian) pdf 553.5 KB Information on distributors
  2. IVASS Regulation No. 40 - Annex 4 (only in Italian) pdf 373.7 KB Information on the distribution of insurance products other than IBIPs

Applications and communications

The applications and communications relating to the management of the RUI must be sent using the PDF electronic form, which shall be downloaded, filled in offline, digitally signed and sent as an attachment by certified electronic mail (PEC) exclusively to the address

  1. PDF electronic form pdf 1.7 MB