Protect yourself from scams

In this section, IVASS publishes documents, information, press releases, and anything else that may be necessary to consumers, individuals, and businesses to protect themselves from cybersecurity threats and online scams, particularly those perpetrated through unauthorised sites.

The increasingly widespread use of innovative technologies, such as artificial intelligence and blockchain, the increased use of web-based transactions, and the digitization of processes are producing effects on insurance companies' business models, mediation methods, product distribution, and are also modifying customers’ habits and behaviours.

Automation generates benefits for businesses and households but at the same time exposes them to the risk of fraudulent use of sensitive information stored into computer systems or put on the network. This is the so-called "cyber risk," i.e., the risk of cyber incidents occurring and this information being lost, stolen, and fraudulently disseminated with possible financial loss, damage tothe image and reputation of the individuals who become victims. For companies, "cyber risk" can generate operational and legal risks related to business interruption or violation of regulations.

A widespread and concrete example of cyber risk is the phenomenon of unauthorised sites distributing fake policies. IVASS recommends paying special attention to this. In this section, IVASS publishes the orders to cease the unauthorised activity it has issued, as well as the press releases on sites that have been shut down.

IVASS participates in national and international coordination tables (CERTFin, EIOPA, IAIS) with the aim of strengthening the safety of operators and the stability and resilience of the insurance market.

Last update

16 January 2024