COVID-19 Emergency - extension of the periods for managing complaints and enquiries

Undertakings, Other

In order to ensure a detailed examination of the complaints and enquiries submitted by policyholders in this exceptional period of health emergency, IVASS has granted insurance undertakings an extension of the periods established in the Regulations No. 24/2008 and 41/2018.

In particular, companies are allowed to:

  1. reply to the complaints within 75 days, instead of the envisaged 45 days;
  2. respond to requests for information from customers within 35 days, instead of the envisaged 20 days.

The extension of these periods is temporary and takes account of the operational difficulties resulting from the COVID-19 emergency.

IVASS invites undertakings to make every effort in assisting the users of insurance services in the quickest and most efficient way possible.

Issue date
23 March 2020