I Navigati - Informati e Sicuri ('The cyber-aware family - Up to date and trouble-free')


Al via la campagna "I Navigati - Informati e Sicuri" promossa dal CERTFin

The awareness campaign called 'I Navigati - Informati e Sicuri' ('The cyber-aware family - Up to date and trouble-free') is starting up again. The campaign aims to encourage a safer and more informed use of digital channels and tools and to promote customers' awareness of the risks of online attacks and fraud in financial services. This year's campaign includes new content, insights, video tutorials and interviews. It will start in mid-October, coinciding with European Cybersecurity Month and the fifth edition of Financial Education Month, and will finish at the end of the year.

The stars are the members of the 'Navigati' family, who have become 'experts' because they are well-informed and have learned how to extricate themselves from the possible pitfalls of the web, reducing the risk of cyber attacks and fraud. Thanks to the information provided, the web has become a familiar and protected place where everyone can surf safely. You can follow the campaign on TV, on the circuits found in the main national railway stations, on social media, and on www.inavigati.it, which provides informative material, interviews and advice on IT security issues and features an 8-episode video series on the 'Navigati' family dedicated to possible online scams.

The campaign was made possible thanks to the collaboration promoted by CERTFin with the Bank of Italy, the Italian Banking Association (ABI), the Italian Insurance Supervisory Authority (IVASS), Banca Agricola Popolare di Ragusa, Banca Mediolanum, Banca Popolare del Lazio, Banca Sella, Banco BPM, BNL BNP Paribas, BPER Banca, Credem Banca, Fineco, Gruppo BCC Iccrea, Gruppo Cassa Centrale, Gruppo Mediobanca, ING, Intesa Sanpaolo, La Cassa di Ravenna and UniCredit. The initiative also has the support of the Italian Data Protection Authority.

issue date
3 December 2021