CALL FOR PAPERS - Conference on Nat-Cat Insurance: Natural Catastrophes and Insurance


IVASS (Italian Institute for Insurance Supervision) is the public regulator and supervisor for the insurance sector in Italy.

The Institute is now hosting a specialized conference on Natural Disaster Insurance, focusing on how best to manage this risk through a mix of public policies and insurance instruments, taking into account the Italian high exposure to earthquakes and floods and its low level of house insurance coverage.

Particularly hot topics concern coverage on a mandatory/voluntary basis and the desirable government role in the insurance process.

The conference will take place in Rome next year (April 1st - 3rd 2020).

We invite interested institutions and researchers to submit a paper for the conference, which will be carefully evaluated by the IVASS organizing committee. The paper may have already been published or can still be in the form of working paper.

The authors of the selected papers will have the opportunity to present them during the conference. In such case, IVASS will cover the costs of two nights (including breakfast) in a selected hotel located in the historic center of Rome. Buffet lunches and a social dinner will be provided during the Conference days.

Papers, in word or pdf format, must be sent by February 21th 2020 to

The interested authors can also send their information requests to the same email address.

16 dicembre 2019