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  1. ; The ESAs provide clarity and tips to consumers on sustainable finance Publication date 4 December 2023
  2. ; IAIS launches final consultation for adoption of the Insurance Capital Standard in 2024 as a prescribed capital requirement (PCR) for Internationally Active Insurance Groups (IAIGs) Publication date 12 July 2023
  3. ; The IAIS has published consultations on draft revised ICP 14 (Valuation of asset and liabilities) and ICP 17 (Capital Adequacy) Publication date 12 July 2023
  4. ; IAIS publishes the Report, on the Targeted Jurisdictional Assessment of the Implementation of the Holistic Framework Supervisory Material, to which IVASS contributed Publication date 14 April 2023
  5. ; The IAIS agreed on the final criteria to assess whether the Aggregation Method (AM) provides comparable results to the Insurance Capital Standard (ICS). The comparability assessment is scheduled to begin in Q3 2023. Publication date 14 March 2023
  6. ; IVASS publishes the updated version of the G20/OECD Principles on Financial Consumer Protection Publication date 1 March 2023
  7. ; EIOPA published the Supervisory Statement on the impact of inflation on insurance and reinsurance undertakings from a prudential perspective Publication date 26 January 2023
  8. ; The IAIS publishes the Global Insurance Market Report (GIMAR) 2022 on the results of the global monitoring exercise to assess insurance market trends and developments for systemic risk detection purposes Publication date 20 December 2022
  9. ; The IAIS launches the public consultation on planned triennial review of the methodology to assess systemic risk at individual insurer level within the Global Monitoring Exercise (GME) Publication date 19 December 2022
  10. ; The Financial Stability Board endorses an improved framework for the assessment and mitigation of systemic risk in the insurance sector and discontinues annual identification of global systemically important insurers (G-SIIs) Publication date 13 December 2022

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