Other publications

This section includes reports on thematic reviews carried out by IVASS on issues of relevance for consumer protection and on insurance products, comments and analyses on supervisory or accounting issues.

Latest publications

  1. Dormant life policies - The 'awakened' policies Data pubblicazione:26 January 2024
  2. Survey on policies against cyber risk Data pubblicazione:24 October 2023
  3. A qualitative-quantitative analysis of the clarity of insurance contracts: results and suggestions Author(s): by L.P.C. ResearchData pubblicazione:26 June 2023
  4. Memo from IVASS for the examination of Bill No. 605 on financial instruments in digital form and Fintech Description: Memo from IVASS to the VI Standing Finance and Treasury Committee of the SenateData pubblicazione:4 April 2023
  5. Survey on the use of Machine Learning algorithms by insurance companies in their relations with policyholders Data pubblicazione:1 March 2023
  6. #AssoTEEN - Practical handbook on insurance Description: Educational paper II level high schoolData pubblicazione:22 February 2023
  7. Unexpected event at the museum Description: Educational paper I level high school Data pubblicazione:16 February 2023
  8. Holidays at Villa Sicura Description: Primary School Educational Paper Data pubblicazione:11 January 2023
  9. IVASS discussion papers, for an early and preliminary consultation with respect to the regulatory process Description: Article published in the Quarterly Review of the AIR Observatory of January 2023Author(s): Carla Desideri and Federica MarinelloData pubblicazione:1 January 2023
  10. Payment Protection Insurance - PPI Description: Le Guide assicurative in parole semplici di IVASS - volume 7Data pubblicazione:19 December 2022