Presentation of the results of the survey into the Italians' insurance knowledge and behaviours

The project, financed with the funds made available by the MISE and in line with the goals of the EDUFIN Committee, is the first in the insurance field and is aimed to make up for the absence, also at an international level, of a system for measuring both the level of insurance knowledge and skills of the population and, in the future, the results of the strategy designed to strengthen them. This event is intended for representatives of public institutions, trade associations, consumers and academics and was opened by President Luigi Federico Signorini.
Luigi Federico SIGNORINI, Loredana GULINO, Stefano DE POLIS, Riccardo VIALE, Laura MACCHI, Vilma SCARPINO, Chiara MONTICONE, Dario FOCARELLI, Francesco SAITA, Stefano SANTIN, Annamaria LUSARDI
Maria Luisa CAVINA
20 May 2021

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20 May 2021