Operating procedures

Payments made to IVASS

Starting from 2019, IVASS has joined the PagoPA system pursuant to Article 5 of legislative decree No. 82 of 7 March 2005 (Digital Administration Code).

For the payments made to IVASS it is necessary to obtain, through the portal accessible via the address https://web1.unimaticaspa.it/unipay/startPayment.jsp?tenant=ivass the PagoPA payment notification containing the IUV code (Unique Payment Identifier), the details, the reason for the payment and amount to pay.

Entities registered with IVASS can access the portal by entering a username (their fiscal code) in lower case, and a password. For first time access the password is always the fiscal code. The system will then allow you to create a personal password.

Entities not registered with IVASS must contact the Accounting and Budget Division of IVASS, at the email address divisione.contabilitaebilancio@ivass.it, which will provide a specific payment notification.

The PagoPA payment notification may be paid to all the Payment Service Providers (PSP) licensed to the PagoPA service.

The updated list of the licensed PSP is available on the website of PagoPA S.p.A at the address: https://www.pagopa.gov.it/it/prestatori-servizi-di-pagamento/elenco-PSP-attivi/.

Last update

8 September 2020