Basically every year IVASS offers work experience and orientation positions for new graduates, with a view to promoting the integration of the competencies acquired during university studies with an on-the-job experience at an Institution with highly complex functions and organization.

The traineeships launched in the territory of the Lazio Region are currently governed by the Resolution of Lazio Regional Council no. 576 of 2 August 2019, implementing the framework agreement of the Conference State-Regions of 25 May 2017.


In 2020, 10 traineeships will be started, they are designed for young students having a specialist/master’s degree from the following Universities in Rome:

"Sapienza" University of Rome

"Tor Vergata" University of Rome

"Roma Tre" University

LUISS "Guido Carli" University

The details for submitting applications, the deadline of which is 27 December 2019, can be found in the information sheet which can be accessed by clicking on the above links.

For any further information please contact the Management of Resources Directorate - Human Resources Division, IVASS - Via del Quirinale 21, 00187 Roma, tel. +39 06 42133237 / +39 06 42133439, e-mail:

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5 December 2019