Documents for public consultation

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  1. Consultation paper no 3/2024 Amendments to ISVAP Regulation no 38 of 3 June 2011. Public consultation open until 27 May 2024. issue date:28 March 2024
  2. Consultation paper no. 2/2024 Provisions concerning insurance contracts pursuant to article 41, paragraphs 1 and 2 of the Private Insurance Code. Public consultation open until 27 May 2024. issue date:28 March 2024
  3. Consultation Paper No. 6/2023 Public consultation of the Draft IVASS Regulation containing provisions on the digital transmission of personal and corporate information issue date:28 June 2023
  4. Consultation Paper No. 5/2023 Proposals for amendments and integrations to IVASS Regulation No. 36/2017. Please, send us your comments by 22nd July 2023. issue date:22 June 2023
  5. Consultation Paper No. 4/2023 Proposal for amendments to IVASS Regulation No. 44/2019. Please, send us your comments by 14th July 2023 issue date:14 June 2023
  6. Consultation paper No. 3/2023 Joint public consultation on draft Regulatory Instructions pursuant to Art. 3, par. 1, Law no. 220/2021 ("mines action law") issue date:28 April 2023
  7. Consultation paper No. 2/2023 Consultation Paper with amendments to the provisions of Reg. 40/2018 concerning the Register of insurance intermediaries. issue date:2 March 2023
  8. Consultation paper No. 1/2023 Consultation Paper with amendments to Regulation IVASS No. 52 of 30 August 2022 and to Regulation ISVAP No. 38 of 3 June 2011 issue date:25 January 2023
  9. Consultation Paper No. 5/2022 Draft regulation laying down provisions concerning the setting up of an online comparison system between insurance undertakings operating in Italy in the motor liability insurance class issue date:17 March 2022
  10. Consultation Paper No. 3/2021 IVASS Draft Regulation on the creation of the new estimator for motor liability insurance issue date:26 March 2021

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