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  1. Consultation Paper No. 2/2020 IVASS Draft Regulation laying down provisions on the disclosure of the shareholder's engagement policy and investment strategy. Issue date:25 May 2020
  2. Consultation Paper No. 5/2019 IVASS Draft Regulation laying down provisions on the system for reporting breaches referred to in Articles 10-quater and 10-quinquies of legislative decree No. 209 of 7 September 2005 - Code of private insurance Issue date:23 December 2019
  3. Consultation Paper No. 4/2019 Draft Order laying down money laundering risk-mitigating procedures and amendments to IVASS Regulations No. 44/2019. Please send us your comments by 25th January 2020 Issue date:11 December 2019
  4. Consultation Paper No. 8/2018 IVASS Draft Order laying down the criteria for the calculation of costs and deductibles in the regulation of compensations between insurance undertakings in the framework of the direct compensation system Issue date:2 August 2018
  5. Consultation Paper No. 3/2017 Modifiche al Regolamento ISVAP n. 35/2010 e nuovi schemi di informativa precontrattuale (DIP - Documento informativo precontrattuale e DIP aggiuntivo) che sostituiscono gli attuali modelli di Nota informativa danni Issue date:30 August 2017
  6. Consultation paper No. 1/2017 Draft letter to the market on the implementation of the EIOPA preparatory guidelines on product oversight and governance (POG) arrangements by insurance undertakings and insurance distributors Issue date:10 January 2017
  7. Consultation Paper No.12/2016 Draft Regulation laying down provisions concerning the notification of data and information for statistical surveys, studies and analyses of the insurance market Issue date:7 December 2016

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