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  1. Consultation paper No. 7/2022 Consultation paper of the draft measure on professional requirements and internet domains amending IVASS Reg. No. 40/2018 Issue date:24 June 2022
  2. Consultation paper No. 6/2022 Draft Regulation setting out the provisions concerning the procedures for the adoption of regulatory and general acts by IVASS Issue date:4 May 2022
  3. Consultation Paper No. 5/2022 Draft regulation laying down provisions concerning the setting up of an online comparison system between insurance undertakings operating in Italy in the motor liability insurance class Issue date:17 March 2022
  4. Consultation Paper No. 4/2022 Consultation paper on the use of external agents for mistery shopping in the aim of consumer protection Issue date:16 March 2022
  5. Consultation Paper No. 3/2022 Draft IVASS Regulation laying down provisions relating to the linked contracts (according to the art. 41, paragraphs 1 and 2, CAP) Issue date:11 March 2022
  6. Discussion Paper No. 1/2022 Preliminary considerations to IVASS future regulatory interventions on life products Issue date:11 March 2022
  7. Consultation Paper No. 3/2021 IVASS Draft Regulation on the creation of the new estimator for motor liability insurance Issue date:26 March 2021
  8. Consultation Paper No. 2/2021 IVASS Draft Regulation laying down provisions concerning capital add-ons Issue date:24 March 2021
  9. Consultation Paper No. 1/2021 Draft IVASS Order laying down provisions concerning recovery plans and short-term finance schemes Issue date:12 January 2021
  10. Consultation Paper No. 4/2020 Amendments to Regulation no. 43/2019 concerning implementation for 2020 financial year of provisions on temporary suspension of capital losses on non-durable securuties - Public Consultation open until 18 December 2020 Issue date:2 December 2020

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