The activity aimed to prevent and combat fraud, in particular in the field of motor liability insurance, is one of the statutory duties assigned to IVASS (Code of Private Insurance, articles 134, 135 and 148 and article 21 of decree-law 179/2012, converted into law 221/2012). IVASS has databases, regulatory and operating instruments as well as control and sanctioning procedures to carry out its work and improve the anti-fraud activities of insurance undertakings. The annual Reports illustrate the activities performed, along with statistical analyses and a summary of regulatory developments.

Latest publications

  1. Information relating to the activities for combating fraud in 2015 Description: IVASS Report 2016Data pubblicazione:15 June 2016
  2. 2014 Anti-fraud Report Description: IVASS Report 2015Data pubblicazione:23 June 2015
  3. 2013 Anti-fraud Report Description: 2013 Anti-fraud ReportData pubblicazione:31 July 2014
  4. 2012 Anti - fraud Report Data pubblicazione:31 July 2014