Single Register of Intermediaries

The Register of insurance, reinsurance and ancillary insurance intermediaries - RUI - governed by Legislative Decree No. 209/2005 - Code of Private Insurance and by IVASS Regulation No. 40/2018 - contains information on the subjects acting as insurance and reinsurance distributors on the Italian territory and having their residence or head office in Italy.

The RUI is subdivided into 6 sections:

  • section A (agents, the intermediaries acting in the name or on behalf of one or more insurance or reinsurance undertakings)
  • section B (brokers, the intermediaries acting on behalf of their client without the power to represent insurance or reinsurance undertakings)
  • section C (direct canvassers of insurance undertakings)
  • section D (Banks, Financial Intermediaries, Stock Brokerage Companies and Poste Italiane- Divisione servizi di bancoposta)
  • section E (Collaborators of the insurance intermediaries registered in sections A, B, D, F or in the enclosed list)
  • section F (ancillary insurance intermediaries acting on behalf of one or more insurance undertakings)

The data in the portal are updated based on the information provided to IVASS by the competent entities according to current regulations.

The RUI portal allows users to search and view information on:

  • Italian intermediaries, registered in the Register of insurance, reinsurance and ancillary insurance intermediaries - RUI
  • EU intermediaries licensed to pursue insurance and reinsurance mediation activity on the Italian territory by way of establishment or of free provision of services, registered in the List attached to the RUI
  • collaborators of intermediaries registered in the RUI, indicating whether or not the collaboration is carried out on an ancillary basis
  • natural persons responsible for the distribution of insurance products for insurance companies, banks and financial entities registered in Section D
  • websites used by intermediaries and their collaborators for the promotion and/or placement of insurance policies

Information is updated daily and historical information is not searchable.

For each intermediary, natural person or company, the RUI reports the information required by the applicable regulations in relation to the Section of registration (Regulation 40/2018 art. 5 - natural persons and art. 6 Companies), including, for example, first name and surname/corporate name, date of registration, operating status, and website - if any - used for the promotion or placement of insurance policies.

It is possible to download a CSV file with the data of RUI members in a processable format (Open data).


The user manual can be consulted when browsing the RUI portal.

Last update

6 June 2024