Websites of undertakings and intermediaries

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IVASS recommends that consumers consult the list and take particular care when examining insurance proposals received by telephone or on-line (including via WhatsApp), especially if they relate to temporary policies. In general, it is advisable to manually type or copy the addresses on the lists into the browser bar.

The list of the intermediaries’ websites is based on communications received from intermediaries, who are responsible for the accuracy and veracity of the data and information contained in the reported websites and social network profiles.

This list does not contain:

  1. the websites that were found to be not accessible, under construction, blocked, under maintenance;
  2. the websites allowing only access to "a protected environment" via credentials/logins and therefore not accessible to the public;
  3. the websites offering goods or services other than insurance, if they do not contain a specific section for the promotion and/or placement of insurance products;
  4. social profiles and personal web pages not used for insurance mediation activities.

The publication of the list of intermediaries’ websites is done on a transitional basis, pending the publication of each intermediary's sites in the new RUI portal, which is currently in the implementation stage

Below are the legal references regarding the publication of intermediaries' websites:

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26 June 2024