General good provisions for foreign operators

Here you can find the general good provisions listed in compliance with the conditions envisaged by the EU Court of Justice, i.e. by selecting the rules which contain additional requirements to the minimal provisions envisaged by the directives, therefore not merely listing whole parts of legislation.

The lists are not exhaustive, therefore foreign insurance undertakings and intermediaries are not exempted from the duty to comply with the provisions concerning criminal law, tax law, money laundering, competition law, the rules of the consolidated law on financial mediation and the relevant implementing provisions on transparency and distribution of insurance contracts, as well as the other provisions envisaged by the Italian legislation implementing Community regulations, such as the rules on personal data protection and the Consumer Code.

The list for undertakings contains regulations which have been mentioned for information purposes although they cannot be considered as strictly of general good, so as to make it easier to become acquainted with the Italian implementation of Community provisions and find Italian provisions when, on the basis of the referral criteria deriving from Community provisions (e.g. Rome I and Rome II Regulations) the applicable law is the Italian one.

The lists are constantly updated further to the issuing of the regulations implementing the Insurance Code.

In the section FOR OPERATORS it is possible to consult the FAQ for the simplification and acceleration of the procedures for accessing the Italian insurance market.

Last update

28 June 2023