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  1. IVASS Regulation No. 55 of 11 April 2024 Regulation laying down provisions on the digital transmission of register information referred to in articles 190 and 190-bis of Legislative Decree 7 September 2005, no. 209 - Private Insurance Code and subsequent amendments and additions issue date:11 April 2024
  2. IVASS Regulation No. 54 of 29 November 2022 IVASS Regulation on the procedures for the adoption of the regulatory and general acts of IVASS referred to in Article 23 of Law No. 262 of 28 December 2005 issue date:29 November 2022
  3. IVASS Regulation No. 52 of 30 August 2022 The Regulation on the implementation of the provisions concerning the possibility to evaluate non-durable securities based on the value resulting from the last annual financial statements, pursuant to L.D. n. 73/2022 issue date:30 August 2022
  4. IVASS Regulation No. 53 of 30 August 2022 Regulation on the use of external agents for mistery shopping issue date:30 August 2022
  5. IVASS Regulation No. 51 of 21 June 2022 Regulation laying down provisions concerning the operation of an online comparison service for MTPL tariffs called PREVENTIVASS issue date:21 June 2022
  6. IVASS Regulation No. 50 of 3 May 2022 The Regulation lays down provisions relating to the communication to IVASS of data and information on non-life premiums collected by undertakings through individual intermediaries or without any mediation issue date:3 May 2022
  7. IVASS Regulation n. 49 of 3 November 2021 The Regulation defines procedures for adoption of the measures provided by Ministerial Decree No.100/2021 on Sanbox. The first window for submitting application is from November, 15 2021 to January, 15 2022 issue date:3 November 2021
  8. IVASS Regulation No. 48 of 13 July 2021 IVASS Regulation laying down provisions on capital add-on issue date:13 July 2021
  9. IVASS Regulation No. 45 of 4 August 2020 IVASS Regulation laying down provisions on insurance product oversight and governance requirements issue date:4 August 2020
  10. IVASS Regulation No. 44 of 12 February 2019 IVASS Anti-Money Laundering Regulation No. 44 on organization, procedures and internal controls and customer due diligence issue date:12 February 2019

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