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  1. IVASS Regulation No. 53 of 30 August 2022 Regulation on the use of external agents for mistery shopping Issue date:30 August 2022
  2. IVASS Regulation No. 52 of 30 August 2022 The Regulation on the implementation of the provisions concerning the possibility to evaluate non-durable securities based on the value resulting from the last annual financial statements, pursuant to L.D. n. 73/2022 Issue date:30 August 2022
  3. IVASS Regulation No. 51 of 21 June 2022 Regulation laying down provisions concerning the operation of an online comparison service for MTPL tariffs called PREVENTIVASS Issue date:21 June 2022
  4. IVASS Regulation No. 50 of 3 May 2022 The Regulation lays down provisions relating to the communication to IVASS of data and information on non-life premiums collected by undertakings through individual intermediaries or without any mediation Issue date:3 May 2022
  5. IVASS Regulation n. 49 of 3 November 2021 The Regulation defines procedures for adoption of the measures provided by Ministerial Decree No.100/2021 on Sanbox. The first window for submitting application is from November, 15 2021 to January, 15 2022 Issue date:3 November 2021
  6. IVASS Regulation no. 48 of 13 July 2021 IVASS Regulation laying down provisions on capital add-on Issue date:13 July 2021
  7. IVASS Regulation No. 45 of 4 August 2020 IVASS Regulation laying down provisions on insurance product oversight and governance requirements Issue date:4 August 2020
  8. IVASS Regulation No. 44 of 12 February 2019 IVASS Anti-Money Laundering Regulation No. 44 on organization, procedures and internal controls and customer due diligence Issue date:12 February 2019
  9. IVASS Regulation No. 43 of 12 February 2019 IVASS Regulation implementing the provisions on the temporary suspension of capital losses in current securities Issue date:12 February 2019
  10. IVASS Regulation No. 42 of 2 August 2018 Regulation laying down provisions on the external audit of public disclosure (SFCR) Issue date:2 August 2018

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