Working papers

IVASS working papers contain legal and economic analyses on issues relevant to the insurance sector. They include theoretical insights, quantitative analyses, international comparisons, comments on insurance law and studies on the legal framework and consumer protection.

Latest publications

  1. An introduction to Poisson processes and their generalizations Description: Working Paper No. 23Author(s): Enzo Orsingher, Riccardo Cesari, Vieri MoscoData pubblicazione:24 February 2022
  2. Women, board and insurance companies Description: Working Paper No. 22Author(s): Diana Capone, Flaminia Montemaggiori e Sara ButeraData pubblicazione:24 January 2022
  3. Comparing insurance and financial education: the case of Italian adults Description: Working Paper No. 21Author(s): Riccardo Cesari, Leandro D'AurizioData pubblicazione:15 December 2021
  4. Proposal for a single national table for the evaluation of non-financial damage for serious injuries Description: Working Paper No. 20 Author(s): Riccardo Cesari, Alessandro Costantini, Antonio Rosario De Pascalis, Elio Di Jeso, Marco LeottaData pubblicazione:15 November 2021
  5. The Italian bancassurance Description: Working Paper No. 18Author(s): Federico Apicella, Leandro D'Aurizio, Raffaele Gallo, Giovanni GuazzarottiData pubblicazione:24 September 2021
  6. The effect of uncertainty on the car insurance market: evidence from the COVID-19 shock Description: IVASS Working Paper No. 17Author(s): Marco COSCONATI, Viviana MEDORIData pubblicazione:10 August 2021
  7. Governance of Artificial Intelligence in the insurance sector between ethical principles, board responsibility and business culture Description: Working Paper No. 16Author(s): Diana CaponeData pubblicazione:25 February 2021
  8. Two simple models of insurance fraud Description: IVASS Working Paper No. 15Author(s): Riccardo CesariData pubblicazione:29 January 2021
  9. Natural disasters and insurance cover: risk assessment and policy options for Italy Description: IVASS Working Paper No.13Author(s): Riccardo CESARI, Leandro D'AURIZIOData pubblicazione:30 July 2019
  10. Value added and profitability of the Italian insurance companies: what is that actually matters? Description: IVASS Working Paper No.12Author(s): Leandro D'AURIZIOData pubblicazione:19 March 2019