Annual Report

Every year IVASS publishes a Report on its activities, focused in particular on its regulatory action, supervision on undertakings and intermediaries and consumer protection. The Report is introduced by an analysis of the Italian and international insurance market from a structural, financial and economic perspective. Information is given on sanctions, legal advice and IVASS' organization. The topics of greatest interest are dealt with in the Remarks by the President of IVASS.

Latest publications

  1. Annual Report for 2022 Data pubblicazione:19 June 2023
  2. Annual Report for 2021 Data pubblicazione:28 June 2022
  3. Annual Report for 2020 Data pubblicazione:1 July 2021
  4. Annual Report for 2019 Data pubblicazione:18 June 2020
  5. Annual Report for 2018 Data pubblicazione:20 June 2019
  6. Annual Report for 2017 Data pubblicazione:27 June 2018
  7. Annual Report for 2016 Data pubblicazione:23 June 2017
  8. Annual Report for 2015 Data pubblicazione:15 June 2016
  9. Annual Report for 2014 Data pubblicazione:23 June 2015
  10. Annual Report for 2013 Data pubblicazione:26 June 2014