The current headquarters of IVASS are at Palazzo Volpi, in via del Quirinale 21, Roma.

The building is situated at the crossing of the former via Felice and via Pia (now via delle Quattro Fontane and via del Quirinale), near the Quirinal Palace.

It was built in the early eighteenth century, commissioned by the Galloppi family; it was bought by the Santovetti family and then, after the First World War, by count Giuseppe Volpi di Misurata – a Venetian aristocrat – along with the adjacent Crawshay estate in via delle Quattro Fontane. Both buildings were renovated by the architect Armando Brasini, who created panoramic terraces and hanging gardens to link them, which offer a view of the Quirinal gardens and the whole of the old part of Rome.

Remarkable details are the decorations, gilded stuccos, wooden ceilings and a reception hall with polychrome marbles in Venetian style; the presence of the historic greenery in the inner gardens – in particular century-old palms and a monumental wisteria – is noteworthy.

The late-baroque decoration of the façade shows recurring the motifs of the rooster and eight-pointed star, from the Galloppi family arms, while the entrance portals present the symbols of the most recent owners, consisting of a rampant fox, star and decrescent moon.

There are archaeological traces in the basement, with remains of the Servian Wall.

Recently some offices of IVASS were moved to via dei Due Macelli 73, Roma, in a building owned by the Bank of Italy.

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3 October 2019