Actions for protection

From a consumer protection perspective we carry out thematic surveys to detect possible irregular behaviours of insurance undertakings. To identify the issues requiring in-depth analysis we rely on the cooperation of consumer associations, which we meet every three months.

The results of our surveys may lead to the adoption of supervisory measures in relation to individual operators or the entire market and of initiatives for the benefit of consumers.

If, on the basis of policyholders’ complaints and telephone reports to the Contact Centre, we detect the incorrect behaviour of an Italian or foreign undertaking or intermediary, we take action for the protection of policyholders and apply sanctions in case of infringement of laws, in consultation with the Sanctions Directorate (if you are interested have a look at the data).

In the presence of recurring problems concerning the whole market, we take system-wide actions (the so-called letters to the market), by which we set guidelines to be followed by all the undertakings, requiring them to stop the behaviours that could impair consumer rights.

If we find out problems in the activity conducted by foreign undertakings in Italy we, in collaboration with the home supervisory Authorities, adopt measures for the protection of Italian policyholders.

In the navigation menu you can read about our most recent thematic surveys and the subsequent protective actions, the letters to the market and the measures issued for the protection of consumers.

Last update

15 December 2016