Letters to the Market

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  1. EEA insurance undertakings operating in Italy - new regulations on dormant life assurance policies pdf 208.2 KB Data di pubblicazione:1 April 2019
  2. Policies linked to loans (PPI)-methods of calculation of the refund of the premium not enjoyed in case of early partial or total repayment pdf 349.0 KB Data di pubblicazione:18 December 2018
  3. Outcome of the checks on the tax codes of insureds of potentially dormant policies zip 397.6 KB Data di pubblicazione:3 December 2018
  4. Letter to UK undertakings operating in Italy on information for Italian policyholders on the impact of Brexit. pdf 286.5 KB Data di pubblicazione:3 October 2018
  5. Dormant life assurance policies. Investigation update. zip 101.6 KB Data di pubblicazione:26 September 2018
  6. Investigation into dormant life assurance policies. EEA undertakings operating in Italy zip 242.2 KB Data di pubblicazione:25 September 2018
  7. Dormant life assurance policies. New cross-check on tax codes against the Tax Register pdf 98.4 KB Data di pubblicazione:3 September 2018
  8. Simplification of insurance contracts - IVASS' Letter to the market of 14 March 2018 (only in Italian) pdf 323.8 KB Data di pubblicazione:19 April 2018
  9. Outcome of the checks on the fiscal codes of potentially dormant insureds pdf 29.2 KB Data di pubblicazione:6 April 2018
  10. Simplification of insurance contracts - Guidelines of the Technical panel ANIA - CONSUMER ASSOCIATIONS - INTERMEDIARY ASSOCIATIONS pdf 130.9 KB Data di pubblicazione:14 March 2018

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