Consumer Contact Center

... an independent, impartial and free expert available to consumers

The free phone number 800 486661 is available from Monday to Friday from 8:30 to 14:30. Peak hours for telephone calls are between 9:30 and 11:30; if you call before or after that time you can further reduce the waiting time. For calls from abroad +39 06 40414679.

When filing a complaint please use the following form so as to provide all the elements necessary to its examination (FAC SIMILE DI RECLAMO ALL'IVASS).

For a better management of the complaint, we recommend that you are concise and do not to send medical documents and pictures that are not necessary for the examination.

Complaints can be sent to IVASS to the certified electronic mail address:, by fax (n. 06.42133206) or by ordinary mail.

Intermediaries have a dedicated phone number +39 06 40414680, which is available from Monday to Friday from 8:30 to 14:30.

IVASS Contact Centre provides information, guidance and assistance to consumers in the field of insurance, informing them on their rights, on applicable insurance regulations and on the regular pursuit of insurance business by undertakings and intermediaries.

The Contact Centre can also inform you about the status of a complaint against insurance undertakings filed with IVASS.

The assistance offered is highly qualified: 6 graduates in law with specific training in insurance answer the calls.

The Contact Centre provides a fast service: the average waiting time to speak to an operator is only 26 seconds.

If your question cannot be answered in real-time, you will be called back in the afternoon, after the necessary investigation.

Apart from providing assistance to consumers, the Contact Centre enables us to have a pulse on the insurance market, the main causes behind consumer dissatisfaction and detect problems requiring supervisory action, such as for example unauthorised operators, irregular websites offering insurance mediation and cases of counterfeited policies.

When a possible violation of the law or a possible incorrect behaviour of an insurance undertaking or intermediary is reported to the Contact Centre it immediately transfers the information to the competent offices of IVASS.

For the sake of protecting privacy we remind that information will be provided exclusively to the complainant or to his or her delegate (on the basis of a proxy present in the documents sent to IVASS), and that the complaint file number stated in the subject line of all our communications must always be indicated.

Last update

2 February 2024