For consumers

What we do

The protection of consumers is in the DNA of IVASS. In line with the tasks entrusted to us by the law we work to ensure that insurance undertakings and intermediaries behave correctly and transparently with policyholders.
IVASS carries out that mission based on five main guidelines:
  • control over the transparency of insurance products and the fairness of sales practices;
  • control over timeliness and fairness in the payment of compensations;
  • handling of policyholders' and third parties' complaints against undertakings;
  • assistance to consumers via the Contact Center;
  • dissemination of the insurance culture.

Surf the various Sections to learn more:

  • Protect yourself: 5 steps to make sure that you are contacting a duly authorised insurance undertaking or intermediary and to protect you from fraud.
  • Complaints: if you have had a problem with an insurance undertaking, learn how to file a complaint. In this Section you can also find the main data on the complaints filed by consumers with either IVASS or the insurance undertakings themselves. As to the latter case, specific tables will allow you to classify data and compare the performances of the various operators. You will therefore have an additional source of information on undertakings operating on the market.
  • Motor liability insurance: tips on how to find your way in the insurance market, make informed choices and follow the correct procedures in the event of a claim.
  • Consumer regulations: the most important regulations for the protection of policyholders, by topic.
  • Consumer FAQs: the answers to the frequently asked questions received by our Contact Center.
  • Consumer Contact Center: the toll-free number to call to get information on your consumer rights, the applicable legislation, the regular pursuit of insurance business by undertakings and intermediaries and on the progress of the complaints filed with IVASS.

You can also access the Public Estimator service to compare online the motor liability estimates of all insurance undertakings, and the page #LEARNWITHIVASS where you can find the tools to improve your knowledge of life and non-life insurance and make more informed choices for your welfare and safety.