Supervisory fee

The supervisory fee is to be paid by any subject included in Register of insurance, reinsurance and ancillary insurance intermediaries (hereinafter Register), except for those enrolled under section E of the Register, and in the List enclosed to the Register (intermediaries having their residence or head office in another state belonging to the European Economic Area, licensed to pursue business in Italy by way of establishment or of free provision of services).

According to the Code of Private Insurance, the supervisory fee shall be established by 30 May of each year by decree of the Minister of Economy and Finance, adopted after hearing IVASS. The decree shall be published in the Official Journal and in IVASS Bulletin by 30 June of the same year.

IVASS has joined the PagoPA system, therefore through the portal accessible via the address you can:

  • download the PagoPA payment notification (containing the IUV code - Unique Payment Identifier, the details, the reason for the payment and the amount to pay) related to the fee for the current year;
  • check your fee position;
  • obtain the payment notification to pay the fees still owed.

You can access the portal by entering as username, in lower case:

  • the Italian tax code for the intermediaries included in the Register;
  • the list internal code (for ex. ue00000000) for the intermediaries included in the List enclosed to the Register.

For first time access, the password is the same as the username, always in lower case. The system will then allow you to create a personal password to be used for future access.


The payment notification may be paid with credit card in the Unimatica portal. As an alternative, the PagoPA payment notification may be paid to all the Payment Service Providers (PSP) licensed to the PagoPA service using the specific methods described in the PagoPA notifications (banks, payment offices, tobacconists, automated teller machines).

The updated list of the licensed PSP is available on the website of PagoPA S.p.A at the address:

For more information on the methods of payment or clarification on the use of the Portal you can contact the Unimatica support service by sending an e-mail to or by calling the toll-free number 800.669685 from Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 13:00 and 15:00 to 17:00. The free phone number is available only for calls from Italy.


For the intermediaries included in the Register, we remind that IVASS Contact Center for intermediaries is available at the number 06 40414680 (from Monday to Friday 8.30 to 14.30).

Any communication relating to the RUI (for ex. removal from the RUI for discontinuance of activity or retirement, change in the data relating to the residence, domicile or head office) must be sent to IVASS by certified electronic mail (PEC) to the address: using the pdf electronic form according to the provisions of IVASS Order No. 58 of 14 March 2017.

For EU intermediaries registered in the List enclosed to the RUI, information (for ex. on the registration in the list enclosed to the Register, on the amount of the fee due, etc…) can be obtained by email at

Last update

22 October 2021