Ongoing qualifying examination

At 12.00 on 20 March 2019 expired terms to complete the application for admission to the qualifying examination proclaimed with Order no. 78 of 30/10/2018.

The examination will be held on 2 July 2019 at 8.30 am at Nuova Fiera di Roma.

To verify the admission candidates can access their personal page through the dedicated application.

All the documents in this page are available only in Italian.

Documents relating to the examination

  1. Notice of convening of the session 2018 (only in Italian) pdf 196.0 KB
  2. Order No. 78 of 30/10/2018 (only in Italian) pdf 335.3 KB Qualifying examination
  3. Order No.85 of 2/04/2019 pdf 261.3 KB Nomina della commissione di esame della prova di idoneità per l'iscrizione nel registro degli intermediari assicurativi e riassicurativi - Sessione 2018 (only in Italian)