Delegation Portal for access to the New RUI

IVASS will make the New RUI Portal operational in the coming months.

In order to access the New RUI, which will enable intermediaries and insurance companies to directly perform data entry and updating in the RUI, it is necessary - as a first step - that:

  • the legal representatives of mediation companies registered in Sections A, B and D of the Register
  • the legal representatives of insurance companies
  • the general representatives of the branch offices of mediation companies registered in the Enclosed List (EU)

seek prior accreditation to the Delegation Portal through SPID, CIE or CNS.

Before beginning the accreditation process, please remember to obtain the company's perusal or other suitable documentation proving representation on behalf of the company.

Once accredited, the aforementioned representatives may, in turn, delegate one or more individuals to access the New RUI when it is made operational.

Natural person acting as intermediaries do not need to proceed with prior accreditation on the Delegation Portal, as they will be able to access the New RUI portal directly.

Below is the link for accessing the Portal and the manual with instructions for accreditation.

Last update

5 December 2023