If you are not satisfied with the conduct of an insurance undertaking, the first thing to do is to send a complaint to the complaints office of the undertaking, which must reply within 45 days. If the undertaking fails to reply within this deadline or if the reply is unsatisfactory you can apply to IVASS.

Consult our Guide on filing complaints and the list of the complaints offices of Italian and foreign undertakings.

Please use this form (docx format) to send a complaint to IVASS.

Below are some examples of cases you can submit to IVASS.

Consumer complaints are a “litmus test” of the quality level of insurance products and services. Insurance undertakings are required to send IVASS the data on the complaints received every six months; they must also publish on their websites an annual report on the activity of handling complaints, with the data on the number, type and outcome.

Below you can find for each six-month period the data on the complaints received by Italian insurance undertakings, at an aggregate level and broken down by single undertaking. Also available here are the data provided by insurance undertakings with head office in another EU country carrying on business in Italy under the right of establishment or under the freedom of services (only EU undertakings receiving more than 20 complaints in the year are required to provide data).

The data collection is aimed to enhance market transparency, providing consumers with an additional source of information on the quality of the services offered by insurance undertakings. It is not a mere list: you may also compare the data on the single undertakings, organise and classify them according to different keys (number of complaints in life business, in motor liability insurance …) and learn the incidence of complaints both on the “turnover” of each undertaking, expressed in terms of number of complaints received for every million euro in premium income, and on the number of existing contracts.

Data on complaints against insurance undertakings filed with IVASS by consumers are published in the Annual Report, in aggregate form.

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2 May 2024