Letters to the Market

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  1. Letter to the market of 5 August 2022 EBDS project - operational instruction for starting the new application Issue date:5 August 2022
  2. Letter to the market of 27 July 2022 Monitoring of risks from natural catastrophes and sustainability Issue date:27 July 2022
  3. Letter to the market of 20 July 2022 PEC (certified e-mail) and PEO (e-mail ordinary) for replies to IVASS requests for information on complaints Issue date:20 July 2022
  4. Letter to the market of 21 June 2022 Periodic reporting on the complaints received by undertakings pursuant to article 9 of ISVAP Regulation no. 24/2008 - New protocol for the exchange of information Activation of new REI and REIDC Infostat surveys Issue date:21 June 2022
  5. Letter to the market of 6 June 2022 Survey on the use of Machine Learning algorithms by insurance companies Issue date:6 June 2022
  6. Letter to the market of 4 March 2022 Supervisory Reports - timing and operating methods for disclosure. Issue date:4 March 2022
  7. Letter to the Market of 28 Febraury 2022 Periodic disclosure of company complaints ex art. 9 ISVAP Regulation no. 24/2008 - Activation of new surveys for company complaints Issue date:28 February 2022
  8. Letter to the market of 13 December 2021 Dormant Life policies - New cross-check insureds' tax codes against the Tax Register Issue date:13 December 2021
  9. Letter to the market of 6 October 2021 Supervisory fee for 2021 to be paid by insurance undertakings with head office in another EEA Member State licensed to carry on business in Italy under the right of establishment or the freedom of services Issue date:6 October 2021
  10. Letter to the market of 29 of September 2021 postponing the introduction of the Infostat One-Time Password (OTP) Issue date:29 September 2021

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