Single Register of Intermediaries

The RUI Portal allows intermediaries and insurance companies to update the Single Register of Intermediaries by sending applications and communications directly to IVASS.
More specifically:

  • the intermediaries registered in Section A, B, D, F can fill in and submit applications (for registration, reinstatement, removal, establishment and change of a collaboration relation, shift to another section, extension of mediation business to other EEA States) and communications (starting of the activity, starting date of the period of inactivity, changes in the posts held in companies registered in Sections A, B or F of the RUI, appointment or termination of office of the subject responsible for distribution of the intermediaries registered in section D of the RUI, websites used for the promotion and placement of insurance policies);
  • canvassers enrolled in Section C and collaborators registered in Section E can submit only applications for shift to another section;
  • European intermediaries registered in the list enclosed to the RUI and pursuing business by way of establishment can submit applications for change of a collaboration relation and report the websites used for the promotion and placement of insurance policies;

  • Italian insurance undertakings can enter conferments and terminations of agency mandates or distribution agreements, registration/deletion of insurance canvassers registered in Section C, indicate the subject responsible for distribution if they pursue business as distributors:
  • European insurance undertakings licensed to pursue business by way of establishment can enter conferments and terminations of agency mandates or distribution agreements.

Access to the Portal

Insurance intermediaries and undertakings can access the RUI web portal (RUI Personal IT application) available at using their digital identity:

  • SPID (personal or corporate/professional)
  • CNS (National Services Card)
  • CIE (Electronic Identity Card)
  • Nodo eIDAS

In case of problems related to digital authentication, we advise you first to:

  • contact your SPID provider to verify the correct activation of your digital identity;
  • check the regularity and functionality of the National Services Card/Electronic Identity Card (check, for example, that they have not expired or been revoked).

If the problem persists, you can send an email to the dedicated box:, attaching the screenshot of the error screen.

For any support regarding the RUI portal, a dedicated phone number +39 06 40414680 is available from Monday to Friday from 08:30 to 14:30.

Instructions for using the Portal are available in the User's Manual

Prior accreditation

Individuals acting on behalf of an insurance mediation company or an insurance company must first accredit themselves in the Delegations Portal, as per the procedure described in the dedicated manual, before starting operating in the RUI Portal.

Links to RUI Portal and Delegations Portal and Public RUI with related Manual.

Natural persons acting as intermediaries, including when they operate as sole proprietorship, do not need to proceed with prior accreditation on the Delegations Portal, as they will be able to access the New RUI portal directly.

Communications to be sent by certified electronic mail (PEC) and not via the RUI Portal

Canvassers enrolled in Section C and collaborators registered in Section E of the RUI, in case the intermediary/firm with which they were collaborating has not notified the termination of the collaboration relationship within the prescribed deadlines, must send the notification of termination of the collaboration relation to the PEC:

companies and intermediaries licensed to operate in Italy under the freedom to provide services will be able to send communications only by PEC to:

The RUI portal is governed by IVASS Order No. 134/2023 of 25 July 2023, which supplemented and amended Regulation 40/2018.

Last update

4 June 2024