Vehicle insurance

How to challenge a decision taken by the vehicle’s insurer

If you are a policyholder or someone who has been injured as a result of an accident and you are not satisfied with the way the insurance company has handled it or the service provided, you can submit a complaint to the company as provided for in Regulation 24/2008 (Regulation concerning the procedure for submitting complaints to IVASS (Istituto per la Vigilanza sulle Assicurazioni [Italian supervisory authority for the insurance sector) and the procedure for the handling of complaints by insurance undertakings).
You will find all the information you need to submit complaints on the company’s website.
If the insurance company does not give you a satisfactory reply, you can forward your complaint to IVASS.

Consult the IVASS guide on how to make a complaint (Italian and English versions) and the list of Complaints Offices of Italian (in Italian) and foreign (in Italian) companies.

You can also use other alternative dispute resolution systems for the third party motor insurance sector:

Claims history: if and how it is taken into account to determine insurance premiums

The ‘bonus-malus’ (no-claims bonus) risk scale mechanism is a rating formula that applies a better or worse rate to the policy according to whether any claims are made during the observation period and recorded in the claims history (even if you switch company). The rules explaining how this formula was developed are set out in IVASS Provision No 72/2018.
Your claims history allows you to switch insurance company while keeping your insurance history and risk class (RC).
The RC is the category to which the policy is assigned based on an assessment scale established by IVASS. All companies must state the RC in the claims history next to the company’s own risk class to ensure that motor insurance quotes are comparable.

If your vehicle has already been insured abroad, you can provide the insurance company with a declaration issued by the foreign insurer which identifies the Universal Conversion (CU) class to be applied to the policy. This declaration is treated as a claims history for all intents and purposes. If no declaration is submitted, the contract is assigned to class 14 by default.

Can a claims history issued in other countries be verified and how is this done?

All information contained in the claims history is stored in a special electronic database accessible to insurance companies and managed by the trade association (ANIA).
For policies concerning vehicles registered and insured in Italy, the insurer therefore acquires the insurance status directly via the electronic ANIA database. The Italian insurer bearing the risk in Italy for the first time is responsible for verifying the claims history issued by foreign companies.

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