Insuring your vehicle in Italy

Information on the procedure to be followed in case of accident involving motor vehicles

See the page: what to do in case of an accident.

Penalties for failure to comply with the claims procedure

Failure to comply with the procedure for reporting the claim may hinder proper claim management and lead to the person involved not being able to give his or her side of the story.

Procedure for claiming compensation from the other driver’s insurer

As part of the compensation procedure, the insurance companies of the individuals involved will manage any arrangements between themselves. In particular, under the direct compensation procedure, companies adopt the terms set out in a special agreement known as the ‘CARD’ (agreement between insurers for direct compensation).

Procedure for submitting a claim

Insurance companies’ websites contain useful information on what to do if you need to make a claim, as well as a list of claim settlement centres making up the branch networks of the various companies to which the claim should be addressed.

It is important to provide all the details required by law in the claim in order to obtain compensation under the above terms.

Minimum insurance cover required

The third party motor insurance indemnity limit is the maximum compensation amount paid out by the insurance company in the event of a claim. If the damage caused by the accident exceeds the indemnity limit specified in the policy, the remaining share of the damage must be borne by the motorist.

The minimum indemnity limit is provided for by law (art. 128 of the Code of Private Insurance):

The Decree of 31 May 2022 of the Ministry of Economic Development was published in the Official Journal No. 148 of 27 June 2022. This Decree adjusts the minimum amounts of cover for motor liability insurance to the new values in euros established by the European Commission. The new values are established as follows:

  • EUR 6,450,000.00, per claim, in case of personal injury, regardless of the number of victims;
  • EUR 1,300,000.00, per claim, in case of material damage, regardless of the number of victims.

How to claim compensation if the other driver’s vehicle is not insured

Compensation claims for accidents caused by uninsured vehicles must be sent to CONSAP, the Road Traffic Accident Guarantee Fund (in Italian).

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16 August 2023