Joint Directorate

The Joint Directorate is a collegial body made up of the Governor of the Bank of Italy, who holds the chair, the Senior Deputy Governor of the Bank of Italy - President of IVASS, the three Deputy Governors of the Bank of Italy and the two members of IVASS' Board of Directors.

It sets guidelines and strategic targets and adopts the acts with external importance relating to the performance of the institutional functions in matters of insurance supervision.

It approves the annual Report on IVASS' activities, makes proposals about the procedures under the responsibility of other Authorities or public administrations, passes resolutions on amendments to the Statute and provides for the establishment, composition and working arrangements of Committees, Commissions or Colleges.

The resolutions of the Joint Directorate are taken by majority vote of the members present; in the event of a tie the deciding vote shall be cast by the chair (the Governor of the Bank of Italy or, when the latter is absent or prevented from attending, the President).

Last update

6 September 2016