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  1. 30 June 2022
    The May 2022 issue of the Supervisory Bulletin is on line in Publications and statistics
  2. 22 June 2022
    EIOPA consults on the advice on the review of the securitisation prudential framework in Solvency II within 13 July
  3. 16 June 2022
    IAIS launches the public consultation on draft criteria that will be used to assess whether the Aggregation Method (AM) provides comparable outcomes to the Insurance Capital Standard (ICS)
  4. 10 June 2022
    2021 Qualifying examination for intermediaries: enlargement of the Examination Board and reopening of the application for verifying the candidates' position
  5. 9 June 2022
    Regulatory Sandbox - Two more Fintech experimentation projects have been admitted
  6. 8 June 2022
    Amendments to ISVAP Regulation No. 7/2007 laying down provisions relating to the IAS/IFRS financial statements of the insurance and reinsurance undertakings, mainly concerning implementation of IFRS 17 (Insurance Contracts)
  7. 30 May 2022
    The April 2022 issue of the Supervisory Bulletin is on line in Publications and statistics
  8. 25 May 2022
    IVASS requires insurance undertakings pursuing non-life business in Italy to submit the information requested under Section V (Intermediaries) by 30/06/2022, pursuant to Regulation 50/2022
  9. 23 May 2022
    Assessment of the risks of money laundering and terrorist financing - IVASS asks foreign companies pursuing life business in Italy under the freedom of services to send the information relating to section V (Intermediaries) by 30/06/2022
  10. 23 May 2022
    Assessment of the risks of money laundering and terrorist financing - IVASS asks companies and branches pursuing life business in Italy to send the structured information (Sections I to VI) by 30/06/2022


I Navigati - Informati e Sicuri (The cyber-aware family - Up to date and trouble-free)

IVASS has joined the cyber security campaign launched by CERTFin with a view to raising customer awareness of the need for a more informed and safer use of digital tools and channels.

Public estimator

Preventivass provides a fast and free comparison of the insurance rates for motor liability insurance applied by the insurance companies pursuing business in Italy.

Regulatory Sandbox

The project, conducted by IVASS in collaboration with the Fintech Committee at the Ministry of Economy and Finance, the Bank of Italy and CONSOB, will enable operators to test technologically innovative products and services.


Collection of informative videos, games, quizzes and other useful resources for a funny and at the same time practical learning experience for all ages.

Survey - Insurance knowledge and behaviours

The Results of the survey into “Italians’ insurance knowledge and behaviours” have been published. The research project, commissioned to the University of Milan-Bicocca and Doxa, was financed by the Ministry of Economic Development, as part of the National strategy for financial, insurance and social security education.

The main insurance numbers in Italy

IVASS periodically publishes statistical data on the Italian insurance market, under the section Publications and statistics. Here are summarised the main figures reported in the latest Annual Report.

Financial Guarantees for the Public Administration

The following issues have been identified in the Italian market of financial guarantees: in some cases, financial guarantees and suretyship policies have been issued by subjects not authorised to do so or were subsequently found to be counterfeit...


In response to the COVID -19 emergency IVASS has adopted specific measures in support of insurance undertakings and intermediaries and for consumer protection.

Pursuing insurance business in Italy

IVASS now publishes a list of FAQs, in order to simplify and accelerate administrative procedures with regard to the authorization to the taking up of insurance business in Italy.

EU Single Digital Gateway

IVASS provides information on how to take out compulsory motor vehicle insurance