Supervisory fee

The supervisory fee is to be paid by insurance and reinsurance undertakings having their head office in Italy and by the branches of undertakings with head office in a non-EU country pursuing business in the territory of the Italian Republic.

According to the Code of Private Insurance, the fee shall be established by 30 May of each year by decree of the Minister of Economy and Finance, after hearing IVASS, and shall be published in the Official Journal and in IVASS’ Bulletin by 30 June.


The fee can be paid to IVASS in two instalments:

  • one in the form of advance payment, by 31 January, equal to 50 per cent of the fee paid in the previous year;
  • one as a balance, by 31 July (or by the deadline established by IVASS after the the issuing of the annual decree), calculated on the basis of the rate of contribution as determined by decree of the Minister of Economy and Finance for the reference year.

The fee is proportional to the premiums earned in the previous year, excluding levies and taxes and net of a percentage for operating expenses set by IVASS year by year in an ad hoc order.


Since IVASS has joined the PagoPA system, undertakings and branches of non-EU undertakings required to pay the supervisory fee shall calculate the amount of the contribution to be paid to IVASS (either as an advance payment or as a balance). Afterwards, through the portal accessible via the address, by typing your own IVASS code made up of three digits (user’s code) and VAT number/Tax code, they must generate the PagoPA payment notification containing the IUV code (Unique Payment Identifier), the details, the reason for the payment and amount to pay.

The notification may be paid to all the Payment Service Providers (PSP) licensed to the di PagoPA service or through bank transfer following the instructions specified in the notification.

Within the payment period of the balance instalment, undertakings must fill in and send IVASS - to the email address: a self-certification attesting to the payment, underwritten by the undertaking's Director General or his or her delegate, along with a table for the calculation of the fee, using the attached model attached model.



The above-mentioned letters to the market contain the details of the ministerial decree which every year establishes the rate due and of IVASS Order setting the percentage for the calculation of the operating expenses.

  1. Letter to the market of 09/10/2018 (only in Italian) pdf 129.6 KB
  2. Letter to the market of 09/08/2017 (only in Italian) pdf 268.9 KB Supervisory fee for the year 2017
  3. Letter to the market of 17/08/2016 (only in Italian) pdf 298.5 KB Supervisory fee for the year 2016
  4. Letter to the market of 10/08/2015 pdf 51.4 KB Supervisory fee for the year 2015