Organisational structure

In the exercise of its functions IVASS avails itself of an organisational structure which implements the guidelines set out by the governing bodies and performs administrative and technical tasks.

The structure is made up of eight Directorates and three Offices. The Directorates are generally subdivided into basic organisational units called Divisions, which carry out tasks that may be particularly complex for their nature and scale. The Offices report directly to the governing bodies

The staff is made up of permanent resources and resources employed under fixed-term contracts; it also includes resources seconded from the Bank of Italy.

Employees comply with the general principles established in an ethical code which takes account of the fact that IVASS is a public entity and of the relevance of the interests entrusted to it.

Last update

6 April 2022

Staff organisational chart

System of delegations

In accordance with article 13 (19) of law no. 135/2012 and article 8 (3) of IVASS' Statute, the Joint Directorate has delegated powers to the President and Directors, jointly and severally, and to the Heads of Directorates.
The system of delegations is intended to improve the effectiveness and timeliness of IVASS’ actions, reserving the power to set guidelines and strategical guidance to the Joint Directorate, also with a view to avoiding inconsistencies with the regulations on signatory powers applicable to banking and financial supervision.

  1. List of delegations as at 18 January 2022 pdf 281.6 KB

Strategic Plan

The Strategic Plan sets out the vision of the Institute, defines the goals to be achieved, identifies the main realisation activities.

  1. Strategic Plan 2021-2023 pdf 225.6 KB

Ethical code

On 2 February 2016 the Joint Directorate approved the Ethical code for the members of the governing bodies and the Ethical code for IVASS' staff.
The Ethical codes set out the general principles to be complied with by the members of the governing bodies and IVASS' staff when performing their functions, taking account of the fact that IVASS is a public entity and of the relevance of the interests entrusted to it.
With the adoption of these rules the Institute undertakes to guarantee and promote clear and sensible ethical and behavioural rules both within and outside its organisation, thus defining a set of values accepted, recognised and shared throughout the entire organisation in the performance of its mission.
The provisions contained in the Codes represent a tool for guiding individual behaviours, without prejudice to the regulatory provisions laying down obligations and prohibitions arising from the employment relationship. From this point of view, the principles and provisions of the Ethical codes constitute an exemplification of the general duties of diligence, fairness and loyalty which should characterize the performance of work activities and the behaviour in the workplace.

  1. Ethical code for IVASS' bodies pdf 473.8 KB
  2. Ethical code for IVASS' staff pdf 260.3 KB