Legal Services Office

It handles legal issues affecting IVASS, gives advice and legal support to the governing bodies and the organisational units.

It carries out, also at the request of the governing bodies and in collaboration with other organisational units, studies and research on legal issues of interest to the Institute.

It issues opinions on regulations to be submitted to the Board of Directors for approval.

It represents IVASS before all the Courts, ensures the proper performance of trials and maintains contacts with the State Legal Advisory Office and the external legal experts.

It maintains close relations with the judicial authority and investigative bodies, through the legal oversight of reported criminal offences detected in the course of supervision.

It maintains contacts, also through seminars and other training initiatives, with the academic world and the legal profession.

It issues to the Joint Directorate the opinions envisaged by the provisions regulating sanctioning proceedings.

General Counsel: Monica Marcucci
(appointed by resolution n. 78/2019 of 24 October 2019)

Deputy General Counsel: Sabrina Scarcello
(appointed by resolution n. 78/2019 of 24 October 2019)

Number of staff: 13

Last update

4 November 2019